About Golden Myanmar Apex

We help organizations carry out digital transformation by providing ICT solutions which will satisfy the actual needs of the organization. Our goal is to provide solutions that will be as simple as it can be, and at the same time, accomplishing business goals effectively.

Our Offerings

We specialize in I.C.T Technology deployment, Systems Integration, practical solutions for digital transformation, and consultation, with full post-implementation support.

cyber security solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

Organizations need agility to effectively protect their resources from cyber attackers. We help protect you holistically from all attack vectors all the type, with the help of world-class cyber security technology products.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Having a business solution that helps to achieve the goals of organizations is a must in a digital age. We work together with your organization in the development and utilization of practical solutions that will enhance your organization's productivity ten fold.

Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

We are a specialist in various components of I.C.T infrastructure. Whether it is endpoints, compute and storage, networks, virtulized environments or cloud infrastructure, we will be there to satisfy all your needs.

Our Partners

For mission critical enterprise computing environments, GMA is providing the world-class
leading I.T products that will fulfill the customers' needs.

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We have more than ten years of international experience in I.C.T systems technology,
local I.C.T market trends, customer support, solution design, and optimization